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About Us

Team 188 Woburn Robotics was established in 1995 through the work of a group of passionate teachers, community members and students.

Woburn Robotics has experienced great growth in the 23 years of our existence. Participating in Canada FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) for two years, led us to U.S. FIRST, the largest school robotics competition on the planet, where we represented Canada. The participation and success of Team 188 as the first non-American team in FIRST paved the way for numerous other teams from both Canada and around the world to join the competition. Hundreds of teams as well as the Ontario District regionals and championships have emerged since Team 188 became involved with FIRST. This expansion and subsequent popularity in Canada led to the creation of FIRST Canada, with Ontario becoming one of the most competitive and world-renowned districts. Being the first Canadian team to participate in FIRST, our success has served as inspiration not only to other teams, but international competitors as well. During our almost twenty years participating in FIRST, our team has received some of the most prestigious awards presented in FIRST during various regional events.

Team 188 has always set out to create its own path in the world of robotics. Having the distinction of being the first Canadian team to enter US FIRST in 1998 as well as having founded the Greater Toronto Regional, Team 188 has transformed into a leader, mentor, and a role model for other teams in Canada and the United States. The team spirit, cooperation, and homely atmosphere of Team 188 have produced stellar results, such as a Championship Woodie Flowers award, Regional Chairman’s awards, Regional Championships, and World Championship finalists. Team 188 has always taken the initiative to grow stronger in its prestigious 23-year history and with its mindset of innovation and humility, Team 188 will continue to be the ‘Force from the North’ for years to come.

As a FIRST robotics team, Woburn Robotics values:

•Gracious professionalism

•Cooperation and teamwork in competition; coopertition

•Creativity and innovation

•The importance of science and technology

•Community involvement

•Availing unique experiences